Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Lot and Land Loans

If you have been looking for a residential mortgage to buy a lot to finally build a primary residence or second home , you are not alone . Not only is there a lack of lenders are lending on residential land but the people who have a somewhat unfavorable terms . The market saw high interest rates and low loan to value ratio .

If you are lucky you can find some local and even some national lenders who lend on Residential Land with decent terms . I am aware of the national lenders who loan in 38 countries with Respect to Loan ratio as high as 80 % and interest rates start at around 3 percent . It will take some searching for this yet . Most local lenders comprised of credit unions . Most credit unions offer interest rates in the range of 6 or 7 % . Also you will see the loan to value ratio of approximately 60 % requirement .

After doing extensive research on what is out there I found that the best deal is 20 % down and interest rates at 3 % or 4 % range.

Transaction costs typically run at around 1 to 2 % of the loan amount . You will have to pay a loan fee , appraisal fee ( which average about $ 400 to $ 600 depending on the size of the cost of the loan and title Title fee is generally set . And to be the same regardless of the title company you end up using .

So , if you can come up with 20 % down , showing good income to debt to income ratio at no more than 45 % and 6 to 9 months of liquid assets in reserve equal to your current mortgage debt and ultimately the credit score in the 700 that you should be eligible .

I think there is no better time to buy vacant residential land . Landowners housing is still sore from the massive price drops they suffered . I believe that the housing land may be most affected by the accident Real Estate because so many mom and pop investors to buy land with the reverse hop . Now many of the investors who are desperate to sell their land that they could not hire and where they pay an annual tax on loan interest if not many .

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Purchasing Real Estate Closing of Private Land

Closing the private real estate deal may seem like a daunting task , but the reality is that it will be very easy for anyone to complete the transaction . Although there are many things you need to do in order to transfer title under your name , they'll be very easy if you know the things you need to consider . As we go through this article , we will talk about the steps you need to take , from finding the property to closing the transaction and transfer the property under your name .

Finding a Property

There will be no deal if you do not have a property that you can buy . So , the first thing you need to do is drive around the neighborhood to find the best option for you . Find all properties listed for sale and check if it matches with the requirements you need . All you have to do is to ensure that the property in accordance with the things you need and the budget you have allocated .

Negotiating With the Seller

The next thing you need to do is to contact the seller and make sure that you will negotiate the terms and conditions of sale . There are things that will come to your terms , while there are some that do not . Regardless of the outcome of the transaction , you need to make sure that the seller will agree to terms that are also better for you .

Closing the Deal

Once you are done with the negotiation , the next thing you need to do is to ensure that you will complete the documentation you need. There are several documents that must be completed before you can transfer the property under your name , and you need to work on it if you want to be successful with the transaction . It may take a lot of time and money on your part , but this is the most important thing you should do when closing a real estate deal .

The Easy Part

If you want to get rid of all the hassle of working to find a property , negotiating , and documents , then it would be great if you have a professional with you . A real estate agent will help you accomplish the things you need and will ensure that you will be able to close the deal with ease .

Monday, August 19, 2013

Useful Tips for Selling Land

To sell the land , sometimes you have to make a choice between a high price and sell quickly . Useful tips listed below can allow sellers to get the best of both worlds . However , to be sold immediately , lowering the level is the best way to go together . In such cases a lower level does not mean less money because the seller does not have to spend on advertising and maintaining the soil is too long . If you have a piece of land and want to sell quickly and at a good price , here are some useful tips for you .

* Prepare your soil - Most people do not know that such a house , land also needs good preparation , pre- registered in the market . Just imagine a large pile of brush , pointing rusty wire fence along with some mud puddles . It is very clear that there are no buyers want to invest in property as unattractive . To make buyers recognize the potential of your property , it is important to thoroughly clean it . De - cluttering the ground did not ask a lot of leg work . Only a few tasks need to be done and you can be ready to show you the land to potential buyers . Some of these tasks include burning or removing a pile of leaves and brush , puddles filled with dirt and leveling them , removing the old fence , which is of no use etc. You can also elaborate on a road where cars can be parked and land boundary markers separating you from others. If you can not manage to do the whole job yourself , then seek help from friends or relatives .

* Be prepared for some questions from buyers - No buyer likes uncertainty . So , primed with answers . They may want to know about the zoning , the nearest shop or town that borders and many other details related to your property . By answering those questions , you can win their trust and leave a good impression . If you are nervous , invite close friends to see your ground and ask as many questions as possible . This simple practice will help you prepare all kinds of questions before. It is also important for the seller to have the contact details of the company , which can prepare building sites , trees uprooted , boreholes and other things are significant from the point of view of the buyer .

* Financing offer for a quick sale - Filing requirements easily can be the simplest and easiest way , when it comes to adding value and raising the price of your land . However , while presenting financing options , be sure to offer it 's easy to attract more potential buyers . Sell ​​your land in this way can present you with a quick sale and that too with great interest to the overall price of the property.

Applying these handy tips will surely help you sell your land quickly and at the price you want to sell .

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Finding the Best Surveyor

The survey is a very important part of the construction process and without it you will not be able to properly construct a building . In order to get the job done right the survey there are various details that must be considered and much of the equipment necessary to ensure that the survey is conducted in accordance with the plan . You can be sure that if you want a team to help you with your survey should take your time and try to find one of the best around . While it may be difficult for some people to find a good survey companies , you will find that it is very easy to find one if you make an online search .

There is a fine art to the survey and involves determining the three -dimensional points on the land where the building will be constructed . You will want to make sure that the appropriate survey team working on your project because many problems can develop later in life in the future of your construction project if any mistakes are made . This is why it will be important for you to take the time to look around to find out which is the best survey companies in your area . However , there are other things to consider when seeking out quality surveyors will give their performance . The following steps will help to ensure that you receive the best service available and everything worked according to plan .

With surveys , and point angle should be determined with precision . This is not a job for amateurs , so you will definitely need to make sure that you hire a survey company to work an established and reliable . If they have been around for a very long time already and there are a lot of other construction managers out there who are satisfied with the quality of service provided by this company special survey , then you will have a pretty good indication of the quality you can expect to receive if you hire them for your work as well . You should also make sure to call and let the team know exactly what the survey you need . There is a good chance that they will be more than happy to work with you to ensure you receive good service .

Another thing you might want to consider is the overall price for the survey work , and this is important if you 've been on a tight budget . As always , spend time considering your choice survey company will help you to get a good deal . With all the people out there , you need to find a survey team that actually can provide a remarkable survey work and the right to a decent price that will not cause you to go over budget . With all the money that you will probably end up spending on construction projects of a large scale , so you will definitely want to find a good deal .

Land Squatters

Adverse possession - Protecting the Land ancestors

Several years ago , my great-great - grandfather was given several acres of land with a different understanding between him and the seller that the property was never sold . No one warned me to refrain generation of " negligence . "

Land has worked over the years and well-known companies make billions of dollars while our family was sitting scrambling to get by . Some family members have discouraged their children go to college . Others have lost vacation . They just can not afford it .

When I was a kid , I used to watch old westerns . One of the problems faced by people who are squatting on land they do not own . Lately , I have been dreaming about the western and I do not understand why until I receive a monthly check from the rental proceeds .

I wonder if the results from our property fair . The thought made me nervous . After all , if there is a problem , I might have to do something about it . I throw out ideas and focus on finishing my novel . My novel only acerbated the problem , because until now , I did not realize that all the dreams , fears , and questions I had were infiltrated into the pages of my book . Revelation stunned me . I laughed for a moment . I shed tears . Then I decided it was time to use my fear as motivation .

The thought of losing the ground we were driven out by an article I found titled " Couple Loses Land to Squatters Rights Law " ( 1 ) . This article is a precious gift to people like you and me . Before its discovery , I always assume when you buy a piece of property , it really belongs to you forever until you decide to sell it . We all may need to rethink this .

We can all sit back and blame the greedy neighbor , greedy businessmen , or sibling rivalry for the theft of our property . In the end , it is the fault of our family to sit in the back of our ancestors who worked hard relentlessly to achieve the one thing that they think is the last from generation to generation - Land ! We do a disservice to our ancestors when we waste what they worked hard for . We owe it to them to do everything we can to preserve their heritage through integrity and kindness towards others .

Since doing nothing showed no kindness to our ancestors , we have to get busy putting the home of our ancestors ' back in order . With that in mind , I made ​​a list of questions and searched the internet until I felt calm enough to appease my guilt .

Although these steps may not be in the correct order , they are still relevant if you want to protect your family's wealth .

1 . Find out what Squatters Land Law is in the state where your property is located.

2 . If you do not have a copy of the deed to the property , get one . You will need a description of the property . You may also need the deed to take that next step .

3 . Find out if the "adverse claim of ownership " has been filed against your property . If some greedy businesses or neighbors want your property , they will most likely have to file a claim against it . It is possible these claims can be called by other names in other countries . You will need to investigate this and get familiar with the terminology that is appropriate for the country in which filings may occur .

4 . Contact the Office of County Assessors ' where your land is located . They should direct you to a website where , hopefully, the registered owner of the property . If someone other than your family is registered , worried . Get an attorney .

5 . Realize you can use the option to file a lawsuit against the violation of land users . Further investigate this option .

6 . Realize filed a court order prohibiting the user can land on the property . Further investigate this option .

7 . If there is a company leasing your property , get a copy of their annual report . I think it's always a good idea to know how many companies are taking advantage of using our land .

8 . Take pictures of your property . And I would advise you to do this every year . Because of my family live in one country and our property somewhere else , this is a good idea so everyone knows , especially the next generation , what should or should not be on the property .

9 . Hire a land surveyor . The sole purpose of a land surveyor to measure the soil to determine the boundaries and the exact size of the property . Do not take this step lightly . It will prove worthwhile in the end .

10 . If your land is being leased to companies or individuals , to get a copy of the Lease Agreement . Particular attention to how long the lease agreement is for , which is a Lease Agreement with , and how much the monthly payments .

11 . Have you assessed land . There can be a big difference between fair market value and what you charge for your monthly rent for the land .

12 . A year before the rental agreement expires , make sure the monthly cost is proportional to the fair market value of your property , or property in the surrounding area .

13 . Seek the advice of an attorney . I know what you're thinking - it's too expensive . Most reputable attorney will not charge a consultation fee . Do not be afraid to ask a lawyer what you and your family can do to reduce costs . If your family is debated , prayed . If they are cooperative , you will be surprised how your problems with your property can bring you and your family closer together .

14 . Do not be selfish . The land belongs to the family , not the individual . You all are important . If you have nine family members and you receive monthly rental payments of $ 1.00, split -dollar nine ways . Or come to an agreement to have the money put into a special fund that will be issued to each family member in another designated time .

What I write here does not include everything that can and must do to protect your family's assets . It will , however , get you started. Remember , you can not go wrong with seeking advice from an expert lawyer who specializes in land law .

My family and I learn more every day about how to be better stewards over the treasure of our ancestors ' . I hope to continue this discussion so I can share the extra information I've gathered and experienced . This has been a process , but one that needed to recover from years of neglect .

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Common Mistakes in BREEAM Evidence

BREEAM is one of the leading assessment method addressing sustainable buildings . These nine topics to consider sustainability and the value of new buildings for a variety of issues . Based on the final score of the building , the certificate will be a matter of identifying the level of sustainability that the building had been achieved , ranging from graduate to extraordinary .

To enable assessors to score good building design and construction team needs to provide evidence to assessors for each topic will be considered . Assessors will then compare the evidence that has been with the terms and award a score . It is in the provision of evidence that many mistakes were made ​​. Three comments most errors are :

Gaps in the evidence base
Flood vague documents relevant to the issues
Too many warnings in the consultant's report
Gaps in the evidence base
It is the number one mistake in the evidence given to the BREEAM assessor . It often comes down to a team member does not check the details of the requirement . It's easy to fix : each member of the team need to carefully read the requirements for their problems .

Flooding in the document
This error is by getting in touch with the previous error . In an effort to compensate for the lack of evidence of team members submit all the documents are in the file itself is vaguely related to the issues under consideration . However , all relevant information has the potential to cover the key elements that are relevant to this issue . It can even be worse than this : the various design iterations can be included in the information to provide evidence to the contrary . The reason again lies in the lack of understanding of the team members and the resolution again is to carefully read the requirements for this problem .

Too many warnings
Consultants need to be careful about their statements in their report issued design . They do not always control the execution of their advice . BREEAM requirements often requested specifications or similar forms of evidence . Where members of the design team has been given the responsibility for problems where the BREEAM specifications required to submit evidence that occurs on a regular basis while the specifications provided. This specification while full of conditional statements . For example, a document may state that if X is installed then the credit is reached . When this occurs the consultant will be able to get further proof that X is going to be installed or they are not the right person to handle this problem and therefore they will require hand responsibility for someone more appropriate .

Friday, August 16, 2013

Top 5 Ways to Save Energy at Home

1 . Switch to Energy Efficient Lighting and Fans

One way is the most effective and simplest way to reduce your energy bills for your home lighting switch with neon lights . Skeptics have been raising concerns about the safe disposal of these bulbs environment because of their mercury content . However , if you follow the proper disposal instructions , these concerns be addressed fully .

A single fluorescent lamps can produce light similar to incandescent bulbs at a cost of 70 to 80 percent lower . Therefore , if you change the lighting complete this form your home for energy saving lighting , you can reduce energy costs substantially. Similarly , installing a ceiling fan or portable pedestal fans to buy your home . This will reduce your need for air conditioning in summer , and also a more environmentally friendly alternative .

2 . Weatherstrip Doors and Windows

One of the best defense against the sun in the hot summers and cold winds and snow in the winter is weatherstripping . * Once you weatherstrip every window and door in the house , you will be surprised by how much of your energy bill is reduced .

Identify gaps in your home to reduce the heat like chasing mechanic , mail slots , chimneys , and outlets on exterior walls . Air leakage is one of the key factors responsible for heat loss in your home , so plug the leak .

3 . Regularly Maintain all Electrical Equipment

Ensure that a variety of household appliances in your home such as a refrigerator , freezer , dishwasher , washing machine and dryer , microwave , and other kitchen gadgets are maintained in superb condition and operation .

Simple maintenance projects DIY can do the work for you , or you can make equipment maintenance and repair contracts yearly with a professional company . This will significantly reduce the energy consumption of your home during the term .

4 . Use Appliances Efficiently

When you use your washing machine with dryer , try to wash most clothes in one cycle . This will ensure that some of lots of clothes dryers dry while already warm . Similarly , adjust the temperature of your refrigerator and freezer according to the load and your cooling needs . If you have a computer at home , set to auto deep sleep mode to save energy when not in use .

5 . Installing Solar

If the environment you receive a lot of sunlight for most of the year , consider installing solar energy devices or solar roof panels to reduce your monthly energy bills . Solar energy is clean , green , and renewable . You can also receive a tax credit for the move . Leading by example and preserve the environment while reducing your energy costs with solar devices .